Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 3

 Last week we were tasked to get our respective pieces which we all did so the only thing missing from the game was the actual board. This week was mainly about designing the board so that next week the game could actually be played.

First we needed to decide how big we wanted the board to be. We decided that we would make the board somewhere around 18 inches by 18 inches. Since our game is split into four different factions we knew the board must also contain four separate quadrants. We then how to decide what we wanted the spaces to look like. So we opened up photoshop and played around with different shapes. It was determined that hexagons would be the best option since it was both visually appealing and functional. Originally we wanted the board to be covered with lots of hexagons so that there were lots of places to move and lots of places to build. However after looking at it on photoshop we determined that lots of spaces would discourage competition in the game. To fix this issue we placed a smaller number of hexagons in each quadrant and we also pre determined spaces that you could build on. There would be an equal number of building spaces in each quadrant. Also to encourage competition we made less building spaces then it would take for each player to build enough buildings to win. So if each player needs to build 16 buildings instead of making 64 building spaces we would make like 50 so that it encourages competition as you would want to get to the spaces before someone else. Also since each quadrant had a theme like mountains or dessert we wanted to make the background of the quadrats these themes so that they could be easily identified by the players. Ryan said he was good at photoshop so he was tasked to finish designing the board. Zach also said he would finish making the scenario cards so we would have them for next week.

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