Thursday, November 6, 2014

Welcome to the New Gaming Experience

In the foreseeable future the earth has been laid to waste. Overuse of natural resources, pollution, and nuclear war have caused the few remaining factions of the human race to escape and travel the stars to find their new home. Once they arrive the several factions reform and turmoil once again consumes the new planet as it did on earth. In order to stop this mayhem one faction must gain dominance on this new world to restore order.
                The story presented before you lays the framework for a new board game in development dubbed, “How was your day?” In this new groundbreaking game four players will be pitted against one another to gain supremacy on the new world. The objective for each player is to build sixteen buildings but, which combination of sixteen buildings will allow a player to win is up to the player.

                The board itself will have a unique feature that sets it apart from all other board games. The core to the game lies within the scenario cards. In essence a scenario card will be played at the beginning of each day (round) and each scenario card will place an effect on certain portions of the board either benefiting players or harming them. An example of a scenario card might be, “An indigenous species becomes your military ally. Place a military barracks on any building plot on the board.” It is this unique feature that we plan to develop around in order to give a great experience to the players. 

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