Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week 2

            After learning the concept of the game last week, we decided to delve in deeper into figuring out the actual format of how the game will progress. We started with making a back story to the game's theme. How Was Your Day? is based on the time period 2250 A.D. where earth is a desolate wasteland so we have to explore other universes to sustain ourselves. We come upon this world filled with alien creatures and harsh conditions where we decide to build a civilization. This background information helped us come to the conclusion that  our game board will have four environmental regions, which are the rain forest, desert, ice caps, and mountains.

           The next thing we decided on was that the scenario cards which will be played every round which will be partly based on these regions. These scenario cards will act as events that give the players certain advantages or disadvantages for being in these regions. For example in the ice caps there would be ice fissures, blizzards, avalanches, etc. Similarly the desert, mountains, and rain forest would have scenarios relating to their environmental factors as well.  We also decided that there would be events for the whole board too such as an alien invasion, bountiful harvest and more.

           The last thing we talked about this week were the three physical aspects to this game : the buildings, board, and cards. We split up the work on making/ getting these pieces where Zach would be making the cards, Keemia would get the money, and I would get the buildings. We are going to get these pieces for next week and then figure out the full board after.

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