Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Kinks and Twists (Week 4)

After play testing for the first time some ideas that seemed great on paper, were actually horrific in practice. For example, when we tried to play four scenario cards at one time, it became way too hectic to keep track of. As a result mass confusion was inevitable. The quick fix was to reduce the amount of scenario cards per a round from four to just a single scenario card. The results were exactly what we wanted, just enough influence to make each turn interesting and making the scenario cards simple but still relevant to the game play.
Another issue that is still not fixed is the uselessness of the churches. Since we had to reduce to the amount of scenario cards played per a round, the idea of having to build churches in order to negate the negative effects of scenario cards seem practically irrelevant. However, the church still adds a function to the game that seemed to still work. In order to win you must build one of each building and the church having no positive effect to the player seems to get left out until the end. As a result with minimal building plots left it makes it increasingly difficult to win, adding some spice to the game.

As the game unraveled through the first play through it seemed in the beginning that there was a sure way to win. One player built nothing but factories which allowed him to increase his revenue substantially especially compared to other players which in turn allowed him to build more buildings than anyone else. However, a twist came through mid-game play. One of the other players decided to build a few barracks on the board and a result turn by turn the player picked off the factories from the player who was in the lead. As a result it seems that some diversity is clearly needed in order to reign victorious making strategy a key element to the game. 

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